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Navigating the challenges of fixed income attribution 

As the challenges in the fixed income realm continue to grow, managers need to be assured that the numbers they are using to make investment decisions are accurate. This is critical so that they can spend time doing what matters most – constructing and managing fixed income portfolios that deliver above-benchmark risk-adjusted returns over time. 

the goal of good analytics

Ultimately, good fixed income analytics systems are about three things: accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. The goal of good analytics is to provide actionable intelligence for the manager – whether it is to tweak the investment strategy or verify whether or not the investment process is working as expected. 

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  • Managing the complexity of the data and making the process easy to digest are essential elements to navigating fixed income challenges
  • To achieve meaningful fixed income analytics by using accurate data in an efficient and flexible way
  • Technology is the solution when it comes to bridging the gap between systems