StatPro Case Study: 
Allan Gray Limited

StatPro Governance offers comprehensive functionality and workflows tailored to the needs of the compliance function. Having all regulatory rules, client mandates and in-house requirements in one specialized system eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual processes, and reduces the dependence on back-office systems and processes.

Simply good business for allan gray

It is simply good business practice for a company seeking standards of excellence to introduce a compliance culture, involving all employees at all levels. This has been heightened by recent revelations about corporate mismanagement, fraud and accounting irregularities.

In this article Lise Grobbelaar summarizes the most recent legislation aimed at increasing control over commercial and financial activity and describes how the Allan Gray Compliance team, together with software company StatPro, has implemented a best-of-breed governance system, which provides a single integrated compliance environment.

“Governance system allows the compliance team to focus on resolving breaches and other value-added tasks and ensures that the company as a whole has a clear and concise view of the status of investment compliance at any point in time through ongoing electronic notification.”

-Lise Grobbelaar, Assistant Compliance Officer, Allan Gray Limited