StatPro Case Study: Banca Sella

Banca Sella used StatPro's API to develop an internal tool for their trading-on-line application that monitors real-time risk of traders, comparing them to the assigned risk limits. Banca Sella was totally autonomous in developing the tool and today they have a revolutionary online control of the risk that their traders are taking in their daily operations.

Banca Sella on the frontier of risk management

Banca Sella is one of the oldest regional banks in Italy and the biggest privately owned bank in Italy. They are among the most innovative Italian banks and leader in the internet banking and trading-on-line business. Their technological skills are well-known and respected in the industry.

Banca Sella contacted StatPro for a risk management solution for its asset management operation and their proprietary portfolios. Soon after, the need was extended to all their private banking portfolios.

“We have chosen StatPro because they have been able to cover all our risk management needs, ranging from our proprietary portfolios to the smallest portfolio of our clients. These objectives have been realized with simple and light hardware requirements and good value. Thanks to our partnership, today we can claim that Banca Sella is on the frontier of risk management, extending the concept of having a timely and precise control of financial risks from our own portfolios to asset managed portfolios and to all clients of the bank.”

-Pietro Sella, CEO